McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Program

Technology Certificate

Program Overview

Many technologists find, after working in industry for a few years, that they need additional education and training in order to be more effective in their positions and to advance professionally. These additional needs are concerned with both general leadership and supervision skills (i.e. management) and advanced technical knowledge and skills. If you would like to supplement your career with additional education but do not want to upgrade to a degree, the diploma or certificate program is for you! The certificate/diploma programs are designed to meet these needs by utilizing Bachelor of Technology courses, which are being offered evenings and on Saturdays.

Program Learning Objectives

These programs incorporate the following learning objectives:

  • Develop and interpret financial systems used by technology organizations
  • Develop an understanding of human behaviour and interpersonal skills for analyzing organizational situations
  • Understand and apply principles of entrepreneurship for emerging businesses in the Canadian context
  • Know and be able to use project management methodology
  • Develop additional leadership and/or advanced technology skills
  • Conduct oneself in an ethical manner when making decisions