McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Program

Biotech students win bronze at iGem competition in Boston

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


Biotechnology students, Samaher and Beenish, were not expecting their team to finish with a bronze win at this year's iGEM competition in Boston.

It's not that they were doubtful of the project they were presenting to a panel of judges and a live audience of press, academic peers, and professors. When you're presenting a solution to cancer immunotherapy, it's easy to capture the hearts and ears of your like-academic audience.

It's not even that they felt intimidated by ivy league schools like MIT and Harvard who were also presenting their projects. Admittedly, Samaher says that this worked to their advantage because few of their academic peers recognized their program and therefore were not present during the group's presentation, easing some of the intimidation of public speaking.

Rather, they were unable to predict their success because they were setting a precedent for future biotech students' participation in the competition. Samaher, Beenish, and their research team were the first ever group of B.Tech. students to partake in the iGEM competition and they did so with triumph.

Though the McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Program was one of the lesser known programs in comparison to those of MIT and Harvard, its Biotech students have certainly left an impression to be maintained at this year's iGEM competition. Indeed, some of the most world renowned biotech faculty stopped to meet with the B.Tech. team, including Dr. George Church, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School.

For more information about the iGEM competition, please visit their website.



Media Contact: Valerie Hillman, Recruiting and Promotion Coordinator, McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Program