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Elementary Schools Visit B.Tech.!

June 10, 2014

In June 2014, the Bachelor of Technology Partnership program invited a couple of elementary school classes to visit our labs for some science and technology demonstrations. With assistance from our outstanding faculty, staff, and current co-op students, we were able to have our guests participate in interactive experiments and tour the Engineering Technology Building.

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Here is what our visitors had to say about their visit!

  • “I liked how we got to do the experiments, I thought we were just going to watch” – Joey
  • “Remember to give a special thanks to all the instructors and students. They did a really good job with directions and making different concepts easy to understand” – Braeden
  •  “I felt like a real scientist!” – Liam
  • “Your students are geniuses!” – Milan
  • “It was very kind and generous of you to provide us with the amazing learning experience on a class field trip. It even made me take a greater interest in science” – Kiernan
  •  “Best science class ever!” – Alida
  • “I had a great time visiting McMaster and hopefully when I’m older I’ll be able to be an actual student at this amazing university” –Leina
  • “I think I will take those courses when I am older. I already know some stuff about the courses anyway” – Johnathan  
  • “My favourite part of the trip would have to be everything because I liked different things about each lab” – Celia
  • “I learned a lot of new things and I hope to try some of these cool experiments at home with my family (I might even try building a robot)!” – Isabel

A special thanks to the faculty and staff who made this an unforgettable trip for our visitors!  

Robots Stir

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