McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Program

AVT Students Win $500 at Student Quality Showcase

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

When Kern Lee, Sanjit Mann, and Carlo Perrotta began work on their Design of Experiments (DOE) project, they didn't know it would be so profitable. Thanks to the generosity of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) - Hamilton Section, the group of Automotive & Vehicle Technology (AVT) students took home $500 for their first place success in the Student Quality Showcase Event held on Monday, November, 7th.

So what is a Design of Experiments (DOE)? Karen Lawrence, a faculty member with the Bachelor of Technology's business management component, explains that it involves students "design[ing], conduct[ing], analys[ing], and report[ing] on an experiment of their choice with three or more factors and at least one response."

Because DOE is a graded assessment for B.Tech. students, it is imperative that they use proper design and data analysis concepts, including: replication, randomization, blocking, and choice of responses. Following their design and data collecting, students analyse their collected information using Minitab statistical software, which includes ANOVA tables, effects plots, residual diagnostics, model selection, optimum settings, and prediction.

For the winning students, they chose to design and analyse the data from a trebuchet. The objective of their project was to investigate the factors that affect the distance of objects thrown by a trebuchet designed and manufactured by the project members themselves, using modelling software and milling, turning, and 3-D printing as their manufacturing methods.

Three additional teams competed for the top prize of $500. These teams' projects ranged from determining the factors that affect a GoKart's time and distance over 50m, the causes of rust on a steel body structure of a vehicle, and the determinants of a paper airplane's distance when launched by a rubber band.

Congratulations to the winning team and thank you to the ASQ - Hamilton section for judging and sponsoring the Student Quality Showcase Event.


Media Contact: Valerie Hillman, Recruiting and Promotion Coordinator, McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Program