McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Program


B.Tech. Grads receive Iron Ring

March 28, 2014

The Ritual of a Calling of an Engineer (commonly known as the “Iron Ring Ceremony”) held today at McMaster University will include four alumni of the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Program.

All four iron ring recipients have completed the academic requirements recognized by the Professional Engineers of Ontario to be considered for their Professional Engineer license. Nicholas Galati and Asmaa Al-Hashimi graduated from the Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology stream in 2013. Stephen Hrycko and Greg Pannia studied in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology stream, graduating in 2008 and 2005 respectively.

Nicholas Galati studied at George Brown College before being admitted to the Civil Engineering Infrastructure stream in the B.Tech. Degree Completion Program. Nick graduated from B.Tech. in June, 2013 and is currently completing his M.Eng. at McMaster University. Nick is extremely grateful for the support and assistance from his former B.Tech. professors throughout the P.E.O. process. The combination of Engineering and Management material taught in B.Tech., has allowed Nick to have a smooth transition from College to University to Master’s level education. Nick summed up his experience as a B.Tech. student by stating, “B.Tech. is about options”. Obtaining a Bachelor of Technology Degree has opened many doors for Nick on his journey to becoming a Professional Engineer.

Asmaa, a Mohawk College graduate, also completed her B.Tech. degree and is pursuing her M.Eng. Asmaa confidently stated, “If it wasn’t for B.Tech., I wouldn’t be in the professional position I am in today”. The faculty in B.Tech. constantly pushed her to succeed and for this, she is grateful. Asmaa was juggling full time employment while completing the Degree Completion program in just 2 short years. Her hard work and commitment has allowed her to get to where she is today. Receiving her Iron Ring today is allowing her to get one step closer to her goal of obtaining a Professional Engineering designation.

A B.Tech. instructor, who had the opportunity to teach these individuals, said they were “passionate students”. There is no other way to describe the drive these students have to achieve success in everything they do. Nick and Asmaa acknowledge that a large amount of their success is because of the helpfulness of their instructors and their close knit group of fellow B.Tech. students. Without having each other there to work together and overcome obstacles as a team, their achievements may not have been what they are today.  

On behalf of the B.Tech. community, we would like to congratulate all of these individuals on their accomplishments and wish them great success in the future!!


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